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Kunjani Mzantsi

Why this? Why Now?

Let us take a moment to think about our 20 year old democracy.
It is true we do have a very good story to tell about South Africa since apartheid was overcome. We are a victorious people by virtue of being South African however; the nation still has mountains to climb. Switch on the news and you are more likely to see service protests, people burning tyres. According to statistics South Africa has at least 5 protests a day. This tells us that people are dissatisfied, they are angry with government. However it also says that people are free to engage with their government to voice their opinions. It is destructive to destroy infrastructure in the name of freedom. We cannot destroy what we have achieved in order to attain what we do not have. What must happen? Who needs to get up and act? Whose responsibility is it to ensure that we have a bright future in South Africa? Whose responsibility is it to envision what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard? What was God's idea about South Africa anyway?
We believe that our current problems and impossibilities are our greatest opportunities for something extra-ordinary to happen.

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