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Freedom Mantle


Each generation picked up the mantle for the fight for freedom until we were free in 1994.
We thank God for the generations that fought for freedom however freedom can be lost if we let it slip away.
Joshua in the Bible took over from the great Moses who had freed them from slavery. Joshua's job was to lead the people into the land of promise, a land flowing with milk and honey. We must remember that those who did not have faith that the Promised Land was possible had to die in the wilderness. It would be Joshua's generation who were full of faith who would obey every word of God that would inherit the land of milk and honey. Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah's portion. Elijah died and Elisha was there to pick up the mantle which he used immediately to perform his first miracle as he called on God's power.

Our inheritance is freedom since it is all that the former generations of South Africa died for. What then do we do now that we have freedom? We are to pick up the mantle of freedom, consciously deciding to commit to long term leadership in our nation in order to reach our land that is flowing with milk and honey. This requires great faith and reliance on God as we take down the giants in our land so that all will enjoy the riches of our nation equally. We will advance our freedom and become freedom stewards.

Having received this expensive inheritance of freedom bought by the blood of so many from past generations, we must become stewards of freedom. It is our responsibility to pass it on from generation to generation to generation and generations to come.

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