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Vision - Awakening a post-Mandela generation of courageous, visionary God-fearing young leaders to serve South Africa

Picking up the mantle is often done in partnership with churches or organisations that wish to participate in nation building through young adults or youth involvement. The options below could be implemented individually or together:
1) Tree planting ceremony - this symbolises young people's commitment to being part of a new generation of leaders planting themselves as ethical visionary leaders in South Africa.
2) Picking up the Freedom Mantle ceremony - emerging leaders actively decide to commit to long-term leadership in the nation and demonstrate this through the symbolic picking up and wearing a mantle.
3) PROPHETIC ARTS EXHIBITION - Poetry, art, music, writing, films and other artistic forms of expressions are used as part of a generation that expresses their vision for the nation. All great movements in history were catalysed by great artists. A Freedom Mantle exhibition will be hosted including a collection of songs, writings, photography, films and other art works from various artists will be exhibited at the end of the year.
4) The Flag Project – Artistic project aiming to produce a huge South African flag created block-by-block by thousands of different South Africans illustrating their vision for the country.
5) Vision discussions – young people from a particular church or area get together in order to discuss long-term vision for their community and/or the nation. The results of these discussions will be brought together by Freedom Mantle in order to build a picture of young people's vision for the nation.
6) Pilgrimages – guided spiritual journeys helping young people to discover their own role in the developing movement.
7) Discipleship and mentorship – in-depth processes of discipleship/mentorship/coaching to help young leaders discover their purpose and guide them on the journey.
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"If not us, then who? If not now, then when?" – John E Lewis


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